As a young adult in 2019, waking up to the world can be pretty overwhelming. Triggered constantly by swarms of social notifications. Addicted to our phones and those dopamine hits. Becoming more addicted to drugs, choosing to escape more from the real world... Top that off with this fact - we have been left to deal with the doom of climate change - it’s no wonder suicide rates are higher than ever today, especially in New Zealand.

That’s why THERAPY OF DANCE exists offline, and here of course, online… With the help of our global network of holistic health professionals, a sustainably focussed fashion designer and our community of dancers, we're starting a conversation to create social change now.

We are raising money to build community centres worldwide. Our spaces will host dance classes, offer mental health services and simply, provide a sanctuary for anyone who needs some space, support and time.

You can help to fund this offline space by coming to our dance class, listening to our podcast, shopping our sustainable dancewear or sharing your story here.

As a social enterprise, we believe in circular economy and choose to help causes that are beyond TOD’s community, priorities being; inclusivity to all body types and identities, advocacy for mental health and setting standards for sustainable and ethical clothing.